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New Age, Chapter 4

Era of God’s



Clang clang clang


*The clashing of swords*


“Huff huff,”


Clang clang clang clang


“Too slow, too weak, put more power in your swings.”


“Huff – I’m trying my best, huff huff, you’re just too strong.”


“If you keep complaining like that, you’ll never grow strong. Heh, anyways, let’s end it here today. It looks like you’re at your limits. ”


“Phew, I am exhausted.”


As always, she doesn’t show mercy. Huh? But what can I say? She has been taking care of me since I was little. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is——–, currently nine years old. By the way, the woman currently taking care of me is my aunt. She’s my mother’s little sister.


According to my aunt, my mother and father left some years ago, leaving me with her. Although she has been taking good care of me, she’s really bad at housework, but I usually take care of that for her.


She’s been training me for quite a while now.


According to what i heard about her, she won the TAO WAR at the age of 13—a competition between gods. To be honest, every member of my family is a monster.


My dad started a universal war. My mother annihilated 13 ancient gods at a young age, my aunt went toe to toe with a Supreme-level god and beat him using physical strength alone, and my uncle (his dad’s brother) gets stronger with every fight.


“My future is looking bleak,” I said jokingly.



Aunt’s Pov


This boy keeps getting stronger day by day! Even though I’m going easy on him, he’s keeping up well, as expected of his child. If he can’t do this much, then he’s not his son.


He absorbs his former experiences and uses them to improve himself with his current skills. He’s already too strong for his age.


Stella, I don’t know the reason you left your son in my care, but I’ll do my best to raise him in a way you’ll be proud of. Who knows, I might steal him for myself. After all, you stole his father all for yourself, don’t blame me (Ps: don’t take this seriously, she’s just joking, rii?…….. probably!).


Anyway, he is indeed strong, but I feel like he feels inferior to us. I mean, everyone in his family is monster strong, so I get why, but in truth, he has never used his spiritual energy, so he probably doesn’t even know he can become stronger than that.


Well, there’s no better time than that.


“Wait…….. stop!!”


He stopped as he was about to land a hit on her with his sword.


“What happened?” He asked me


“I believe it is time for you to manifest your spiritual energy.”


“But, didn’t you say, I had to train my body unless i would not be able to control it?” he asked.


“Don’t worry about it. You are way beyond that level currently. It will be fine.”


I lied!!!!! True, there are some cases in which you’d have to train the physical body before learning how to manipulate the spiritual body’s energy, but in his case it’s different. Like my elder sister and her husband, he’s able to manipulate it without training his body.


But I wanted him to train his physical body so he wouldn’t be dependent on his spiritual energy……


“Now, come, let’s get started.”


“I’ll teach you how to control your spiritual energy.”

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