An Ha Muin
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2021
Author YunJun
Artist Juni
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An Ha Muin


Synopsis An Ha Muin

Yong Cheon Sang of the Yongcheonsega family, does not intend to inherit a new generation by marriage, but when the marriage is forcibly carried out, he runs away with all the articles containing the treasures that can revive a magician. A year after running away from home, Yongcheon-sang borrows money from his article to develop it by absorbing the power of the shadows, and in the meantime, he gets the bloodstone that has been passed down for years. However, everything is destroyed by the demonic cults who are aiming for the thousand-year-old magic treasure… This angry Yong Cheon Sang awakens the power of the bloodstone and decides to judge the wicked