Fisher man
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
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Fisher man

Synopsis Fisher man

This is the story of Iri, a boy who became a fisherman and saved humanity! The continent ‘Fantasia’ was ruined by a whale that coveted the land. And before humanity that had been collapsed by a whale and was on the verge of extinction appeared the ‘Fishermen’! They protected humanity against whales using mysterious powers, and the Fishermen’s leader ‘Grinard’ is admired as a hero who saved humanity. ‘Iri’ was a boy who lived his life admiring Grinard like any normal human being. Then, an unknown power begins to manifest in him, and Iri becomes a member of the Fishermen that he longed for in his dreams. But the joy is short-lived… As he starts to fulfill his dream, Iri will face the dark truth of the fisherman hidden behind the war between humans and whales…!