Hundreds of Invincible Strikes
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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Hundreds of Invincible Strikes

Synopsis Hundreds of Invincible Strikes

Yeon Hwicheon from the Yeon Sect is deceived by the Dam Sect, who is after his Sect’s gold mine, into an arranged marriage. Despite the unsightly scar on his face, he meets his kind-hearted wife, Dam Hwayeon, and they live a trouble-free life. However, the Dam sect, revealing their true intentions, causes the downfall of the Yeon Sect. With his incredible martial arts skills, Yeon Hwicheon and the now stronger Yeon Sect quickly become the targets of the martial arts world and Hwicheon, already anticipating this, further elevates the martial arts of the his Sect and boldly throws down a challenge to the entire martial arts community under his name!