I’ll Become the Mother of the Hero
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
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I’ll Become the Mother of the Hero

Synopsis I’ll Become the Mother of the Hero

‘Though you may be my wife, I will not lay a single hand on you.’

‘Really? Then can I lay my hand on you?’


After roughly 20 years later, the world is doomed to ruination from the invasion of the Demonic Beasts.

There is only one way to stop the destruction.

Marry the duke called a monster and give birth to his child, who will eventually grow to become a Hero!

Elena, who had seen a glimpse of the future, manages to successfully marry him…

‘Are we really not going to do anything going forward, just like this?’

She quickly tries to finish the deed, but her husband’s refusal is beyond imagination!

‘Just take it off already! Why aren’t you taking it off! Is this your skin?’

Can Elena safely give birth to the Hero and save the world?