Records of the Demonic Path’s Return
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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Records of the Demonic Path’s Return

Synopsis Records of the Demonic Path’s Return

The main character Myeong-woon has escaped to a faraway sanctuary to avoid the Heavenly Demon Dod Cult’s fight for power. However, as he did not coincide with the Throne’s Will, he was unable to avoid strife. To make Myeong-un stir a fight within his family, the Heavenly Demon God Cult’s Leader, Myeonggak, visited him. Myeong-woon dies during his attempt to escape him. But right before he died, a voice spoke to him in his hazying consciousness. ‘…Do you regret it? Would you like to fight another time?” Myeong-woon believes he died after this voice away but he opens his eyes and…