Rural Edgeless Sword
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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Rural Edgeless Sword

The Edgeless Sword From the Village,The Village Sword Without Edge

Synopsis Rural Edgeless Sword

Poh Yijong, who farms and sharpens the sword of Mt. Hua Sect in Hwangryong Village. Mt. Hua sect is holding a martial arts competition among the disciples of Mt. Hua Sect. Mt. Hua dragon tournament. Poh Yijong decides to participate in the competition and heads to Mt. Hua Sect with his son. However, unknown things happen around Poh Yijong, who is entangled in the favor of the martial arts world. Will Poh Yijong be able to reach Mt. Hua Sect? And what level is the sword of Mt. Hua Sect that Poh Yijong has? Poh Yijong’s journey to confirm the sword he set up in the village begins.