Stat Up
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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Stat Up

Synopsis Stat Up

It had been a whopping 300 years. There was no way the best knight wouldn’t show up. The ancient characters in the crystal mirror swirled chaotically. “If we’re lucky, maybe an A-class knight will be born.” “Please…” “Confirmed!” The chief engineer’s voice was full of excitement. But no matter how long they waited, there was no follow-up report. Confused, Hakken opened his eyes. The crystal mirror showed the name and rank of the newborn knight in large letters.

Name: Seed Rank: F

Seed, the flawed product that shattered the kingdom’s expectations. He endured all kinds of scorn and neglect, but in the face of death, he awakened his abilities. The stormy growth of Seed, the unique knight with boundless potential. [Level up! Would you like to distribute your stats?]