Taoist Master Hoguk
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author Heukpa
Artist Ultramedia
Serialization Kakao Page
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Taoist Master Hoguk

Master of Household Affairs, 호구도사 , Hogudosa

Synopsis Taoist Master Hoguk

Hoguk wanted to become a Taoist like the person who saved him from a ghoul when he was young. To achieve his goal, Hoguk enrolls in the school in Mt. Yangjiao. However, seemingly facing a bleak future, he finds out that he has no talent or signs of having innate energy.

One day, a group of ghouls looking for extraordinary souls notice Hoguk’s special ability to hear the sounds of the spirits and starts to threaten him. They burn down the school of Mt. Yangjiao and horribly kill all friends of Hoguk.

After barely surviving the incident, Hoguk promises himself that he will become a Taoist to eradicate the ghouls and protect what is important to him.

Chapter Taoist Master Hoguk