Unforgivable! Unpardonably Vicious!
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author Daxian Zhe, Lin Shishi
Artist Youlu comics
Serialization Bilibili Manhua
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Unforgivable! Unpardonably Vicious!

Everything That Is Evil Is Unpardonable, Unpardonably Vicious, 万恶不赦

Synopsis Unforgivable! Unpardonably Vicious!

The legendary killer Wu Qi is killed under strange circumstances, and what is even more mysterious is that he does not even know who killed him. Before his death, an unknown entity called the Killing Intent System appears before him.
The Killing Intent System promises Wu Qi that as long as he completes the task entrusted to him, the system can help him revive and learn the truth of his death.
So, Wu Qi with the help of the Killing Intent System of travels through time and space to stop people engrossed in killing intent.
Because the world has to be saved, even if it is unforgivable.